The grate secret truths of Hinduism : as per contemporary need and perspective

A general view on the contemporary tantric paintings of Shahraj
grace truths of hinduism Shahraj a contemporary modern tantric painter stands apart from similar pioneers and contemporaries. His individuality and uniqueness do not depend on technical skill. It is content oriented. He is absolutely correct when he says, " I do not draw with my hand, I draw with my brain". Yet they are not mere intellectual expressions. They are the docu-creations of a contemporary modern typical indian creative mind's metaphysical quest. Though modern tantric paintings are created all over the world in many eastern and western countries, only those created in India or by Indians are deep and extensive. It can only be so. The reason is that India is the origin of tantra and tantric yoga is the spiritual invention of Hinduism. ( For both Vajrayana, the Tibeto-Buddhist tantra and Taoism, the Chinese tantra the source is Hindu tantra). Pioneers of modern tantric painting like S.H.Raza, K.C.S.Panicker and K.V.Haridasan, and Paresh Maity, a contemporary genious among those who create modern paintings with a mix of tantra, can be cited as evidence for this claim. But the tantric paintings of Shahraj differ from them entirely in style and attitude. An atheist and a spiritual sciencist, Shahraj creates his modern tantric paintings from the visions he receives from his logical knowledge, the mysticism he gets from his yogic and meditative experiences and the creative fantasy arising from the subconcious or the Alpha states. Apart from being art, there are various other objectives in these. Important are: 1. To reveal to the people the spiritual reality of yogic science which is now esoteric. 2. To reveal the hidden tantric inner meaning of Hindu gods, vedas, puranas, rituals, beliefs and all the aspects of mundane life including day to day practices and habits. 3. To prove that even by 1500 B.C., the age of the vedas, rishis and yogis with their clairvoyance had discovered the cosmic realities which modern science did only during the 19-20th centuries, and reshaped them into embodiments of god, philosophic wisdom and puranic stories. 4. To inform people that many of the psychological discoveries about the mind during the last and the present centuries had already been said in ancient tantric sastras. 5. To explain the tantric, spiritual, scientific and psychological truth behind the Shiva - Shakthi embodiment. These are the exalted objectives as per contemporary need and perspective. grace truths of hinduism Siddha medical system discovered by the Siddhas who were also tantric yogis and Ayurveda given by the Rishis were kept as secrets and many medical intricacies became unknown to future generations. Only the remainders are now found in Siddha and Ayurveda. The traditional Chinese treatments of acupressure and acupuncture which have now spread all over the world had their origin in Siddha, Ayurveda and Varma systems. Since the secrets of tantra are kept similarly. When we view each contemporary modern tantric painting of Shahraj with its explanation we wonder how ignorant we have been about so many wonderful things. " My paintings are not created to merely decorate walls. They are meant to create an impact, a change, a spiritual awareness on the beholders. Since I have come from a fertile spiritual tradition of Hinduism, I have received as my heritage the inexhaustible spiritual treasure of my ancestors. Being a holder of that treasure I can not paint beggerly meaningless paintings ". the voice of Shahraj sounds with conviction. Indeed his contemporary modern tantric paintings can make an immediate impact on the beholder. While some of them make a deep impression, certain others create a shock. Paintings that make a deep impression are those with a meditative quality created by the choice and combination of colours and the furious figures and metophers that reavel tantric energy. Those that create shock are the nude and sexual depiction of gods and goddesses , and also his unique tantric images. Once the explanation of these images with their tantric and rebellious implication is understood, the shock begins to subside and the possibility of realizing the depth of their inner meaning becomes certain. creation of change and awareness depends on ones mental state. Whether this happens or not, even if these paintings are seen just once they certainly cannot be forgotten soon.