About Shahraj

Introduction about the artist

Shahraj, a new entrant among the contemporary modern tantric painters of India, is from Kerala a state of India, which is famous for tantric and one of its sect namely black magic. He resides in a hamlet near Tamilnadu borders in Palakkad district of the state. Though his mother tongue is Malayalam, he studied in Tamil medium in tamilnadu, had only school education, and is a self taught artist. He had deeply internalized the European modernism and Indian painting - sculptural traditions. He also involved in researching Tantra, Yoga, Spirituality, Theology, Mysticism, Metaphysics, Science, psychology, Anthropology and history of world religions, Black magic and occult practices. His paintings are the resulting creations of the wisdom and mystical experiences from these researches. Being a multifaceted artist, he is basically a litterateur; A satire short story writer and rebellious anti poet. He who received various awards and prizes for his social sensitive short stories, his anti-poems and line drawings published on covers of literary magazines, articles and expressions regularly becomes controversies for debate among those literary circles.

Though he was a full time litterateur earlier, due to the propensity he had for tantric, for past several years he had engaged himself in quest and creation of tantric paintings. Born in the family with tradition of veneration (Puja) as profession, he abandoned belief in God at the age of thirteen, however, he had keen propensity in spirituality and he is a follower of the ideology “God is non-existent; but godliness is” proposed by Osho.

His tantric quest made it possible for him to discover the ultimate truths of Hinduism, and he came to a conclusion with his research that, tantric is the base of Hinduism. More of that his recent studies concludes that tantric is the foundation for world religions too. His modern tantric paintings are only drawn to express these findings.

He declares about his paintings as,

My paintings are not just created to simply decorate the wall. They were created to make an impact, a change, a spiritual awareness on the beholder.